Our students are our first priority and as important as they individually are, each is very different. Here are some tips, tools, and resources that can help us create schedules, provide structure, and offer continued support for them.

Support your Children for Remote Learning 

Helping children with their self-regulation—the ability to manage their behavior and emotions—is critical to their learning. During times of school closure, however, disruptions in children’s schedules can lead to behavior problems, difficulty regulating attention or emotions, and stress. Strategies to encourage self-regulation can help lower these potential threats. Some things to consider are:
*Creating a predictable schedule and routine.
*Plan learning activities to occur around the same time each day.
*Maintaining consistent bedtimes and mealtimes.
*Practicing calming strategies after something exciting.
*Fresh air and outdoor play.
*Encourage children to share their feelings and express themselves, and let them know their classmates and teachers are okay.
Encourage things they CAN do, such as take walks, board games, helping with chores, etc. 

Links and Resources 

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    Create A Schedule 

    Khan Academy 

    We understand there is not a single best solution for every family and we encourage you to discover what works best for yours. Whether it is a strict routine or a flexible schedule, here is a link to a resource that can help with this.

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    Self Regulation
    PBS Kids

    Discover strategies for teaching kids self-regulation including emotions, social skills, character and self awareness.

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    Meal Services 

    and Nutriton 

    National School Finder online platform.

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    Health and Nutrition 


    Working to protect, promote and improve the health and prosperity of people in Tennessee! Clinic locations across the state. 

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